February 10, 2015 Cristine Vieira

How to effectively manage multiple influencers



If you’re trying to manage an influencer marketing campaigns without the help of an influencer marketing platform, things can get a little chaotic. Taking on a several different influencers can feel a bit like taking on several new employees at once.


Similar to your employees, you want to keep your influencers happy so that they are excited about your brand resulting in high-quality content. This can get difficult when you’re juggling many influencers – not to mention all your other career responsibilities – at once. Here are a few things to focus on when you’re managing influencers.


1. Choose influencers that make sense for your brand

One of the most common mistakes we see is brands and advertisers choosing the wrong influencers for the wrong reasons. Brands will often choose an influencers with a huge following, even if that influencer’s content has nothing to do with the brand’s industry. We see brands making similar choices over cost, reach, SEO and more.


Ensure you’re contacting influencers that make sense for your brand. Ask yourself, “could I see this influencer writing about my brand even if we weren’t paying him/her?” If the answer is no, consider moving on to someone else. Finding influencers that align with your brand messaging is one of the key factors that will impact your campaign success.


2. Make the campaign fun

If you have an influencer who already loves your brand, you’re already ahead of the game. A great way to motivate your influencers to write fantastic content is to launch campaigns that are a lot of fun. Try to think outside of the box. Instead of a simple blog post or social promotion, consider a Twitter party, a creative contest, or something that provides your influencer with a fantastic experience. We’ve seen brands send their influencers on scavenger hunts, trips, conferences and more. Get creative.


3. Emphasize communication  

This is really important with influencers. These content creators are often working outside of the typical office life. They’re working on the go and they don’t have executives hustling them about revenue and sales. They’re in a different mind set. So you’ll need to be an effective communicator. Set expectations up front. Check in often. Tell them what they’re ding right and what they could be doing better. A consistent and friendly stream of communication will have a positive impact on both your campaigns and your long term management of influencers.


4. Consider your influencer’s business

Ultimately, your influencers are building and promoting personal brands. They worry about their messaging, reputation and income. Consider this when you’re coming up with campaigns, and make sure you pay them on time.


If you’d like learn more about managing influencers listen to our next podcast featuring Find Your Influence co-founder Cristine Vieira and influencer manager Lyndsey Jones.  It comes out Thursday so stay tuned!

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