October 14, 2020 Guest Blogger

How to Create Content That Influencers Will Link To


In today’s world, it is possible to create huge traffic for personal content that can get to people within a short time after publication. Influencers have become a useful resource especially on social media platforms where they share information that generates huge traffic toward an intended target.

However, influencers do not always come cheap as one will have to make an investment to generate tailback to their content through online influencers. Additionally, coming up with proper links that influencers can use is very essential because most people that access your work will do so using the links created.

Spot the Influencers and Find a Method to Increase Value

Many people can purchase their followers on social media to develop unrealistic social evidence. However, this move comes at a cost because the level of engagement will be minimal, at best. Therefore, the best way to evaluate influence is through engagement levels.

“For content to be considered by an influencer, an individual has to ensure they target the appropriate influencer for their content,” says Jill Carver, Head of Content Marketing at ConfidentWriters and SolidEssay.

For example, when dealing with marketing content, one has to ensure that they come up with facts and statistics that might interest many people. Content that creates interest will have the value that influencers will notice. One has to keep in mind the target group and get the right influencer that will attract the desired traffic.

“Additionally, one has to always research to ensure that their content is updated all the time so that influencers can link more,” writes Rachel Mitchell, business writer at Research Paper Writing. Also, when identifying the right influencers, it is essential to pick out the ones with the most likes or re-tweets because the more the engagement, the higher the traffic created.

Come Up with an Original Piece

There are many blogs and podcasts that put out unique content every day. It is essential to create content that is not the work of someone else because influencers will hardly create traffic for content that is written by other people. It is important to always work ahead.

Also, one needs to provide unique solutions to problems faced by your patronage. The selection of facts needs to better than most display programs to stand a chance of earning recognition by an influencer. It is also crucial to come up with pieces that elicit emotional reactions. Such issues can lead to massive sharing on social media platforms, hence attracting online traffic.

Inquire if Influencers are Interested in Your Work

Taking risks is a key component for anyone who wants to be successful. Asking influencers if they would review your content can evoke a reaction from them. One influencer may find some unique nature of your work and may decide to push traffic to your content.

According to Alexander Moon, Head of Content Marketing at Paper-Research, “A content creator should first prospect for third-tier influencers to evaluate whether their content is unique or not.” By doing so, one gets the opportunity to rectify different issues in the content before it can go viral. Certain influencers also advise on how to improve the content. For example, an influencer can advise on whether the content meets the expectation of the target audience or share feedback that the content creator needs to improve.

Creating content that can be easily noticed and shared by influencers is very challenging. The presence of many content creators on many social platforms makes it a challenge to come up with unique content. Influencers need very unique content that is better than most search engines for them to consider generating traffic or sharing the content online. A content creator needs to be ahead of the rest to ensure their content is factual and different from all others posted on online platforms.

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Paul Bates.