June 12, 2015 Chelsea Goodson

How To Choose The Best Campaign For You


You have many options when it comes to marketing your business. Naturally, you might be wondering where you should start or what channels you should use to achieve the best results, right? Well, deciding to delve into the world of Influencer Marketing, is a great way to maximize the leverage of your business.

There are 150 million blog readers in the U.S alone, and 31.1 percent of consumers say that blogs influence their purchase decisions. Similarly, 57 percent of marketers say that they’ve acquired customers via their blog.

Making people aware that you/service exist helps drive traffic to your business and creates a buzz in the market. So how do you start this buzz and keep it spreading across the interwebs? With Influencer Marketing campaigns of course! But which one is right for you and your product? Well, we’ve included four types below to help you decide!

  1. Brand Awareness – A brand is the meaning behind your company’s name, logo, symbols and slogans. Thanks to the evolution of the internet and digital technology, the importance of brand awareness has become increasingly significant. The public is more equipped with mobile and social media tools to communicate quickly about your brand. In other words, it’s instant feedback.  By using this Influencer Marketing strategy, your brand will reach exposure not only in your own backyard, but across the globe.
  1. Product Awareness – Using Influencer Marketing to help develop product awareness is a creative way to get your product in front of the eyes of millions. When a blogger vouches for your product and tells their readers how much they enjoy it, they are increasing your product’s visibility. Ultimately, a strong online presence enhances the company’s trustworthiness and credibility.
  1. New Product/Service Launch – Influencer Marketing is a great way to launch a new product or service. This type of campaign is great for increasing exposure and upping the credibility of your brand. The influencers will help you gain the feedback you’re looking for in terms your new product/service almost instantly.
  1. Seasonal Campaign – The holidays are the busiest times of the year and what better way to market your new seasonal campaign than using Influencer Marketing and FYI. Some of the most popular posts for influencers are during the holiday season, as their readers are looking to them for guidance of what is the latest and greatest must haves during the holiday season.

Ultimately, choosing the right influencer campaign for you and your brand is crucial and the success of your campaign depends on it. Here at FYI, we’re experts in this space and we’re happy to help you pick the perfect campaign for you and your Influencer Marketing needs.

Post Written By: Kailey Loud for Find Your Influence 

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