October 25, 2021 Guest Blogger

How Brand Ambassador Programs Can Lead to A Career in Influencing

Starting an influencer career can be a very daunting experience as it’s such a massive business with millions of influencers across multiple platforms. Joining a brand’s ambassador program can be a great way to enter the influencer space. Becoming an ambassador is a low time commitment and can provide insight to your followers about your niche.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

To put it in simple terms, a brand ambassador is someone who represents a brand, product, or service. There are a number of brand ambassador programs out there, often with varying tasks/deliverables requested by the brand. Ambassadors are frequently offered codes that they can give to followers to offer a price discount. This gives the brand’s target audience the opportunity to engage with the product or brand at a discounted rate. Oftentimes, brand ambassadors are not paid via commission but rather an exchange of product for content.

Those involved in brand ambassadorship programs utilize a wide range of tools. While social media is often the best space for this, they can often engage in emails, messaging and one-to-one marketing strategies. Ambassadors spread the word about brands to a connected and engaged audience that has trust in them.

Types of Brand Ambassador Programs

Informal Ambassador / Referral Marketing

This is often a very low time commitment and is offered to proven fans of the brand. An informal brand ambassador typically just needs to share with friends and family about the product or brand. This is far less structured and allows for the brand ambassador to pick how they want to partake in promotion.

Affiliate Ambassadors

Those who are affiliate brand ambassadors often promote a brand in exchange for commission. This commission is based on the sales made through a referrals code or how much awareness they bring to the brand via referrals. Affiliate commissions are paid out differently, be sure to read the fine print before signing as a brand ambassador.

College Ambassadors

 This consists of a partnership between a brand and a student. Those who are brand ambassadors on a college campus promote the brand on campus through representation on campus events, posting on social media, or giving out product samples. Victoria Secret’s PINK offers a college ambassadorship program to over 250 college campuses across the United States. They often host sponsored events on campus and post about new products that PINK is offering.

Requirement Driven Ambassadors

These brand ambassadors fulfill a certain requirement for a brand over a given period of time. For example, a brand might only want a brand ambassador for a three month time span for a specific campaign. This can be a great way to dip your toes into the influencer world while you are on break from school or in between jobs

How They Can Lead to A Career in Influencing

These ambassador programs can be a great way to get your foot in the door in the world of influencer marketing. Since you are only partnering with one brand, it can be way less overwhelming than committing to creating content for multiple brands. Additionally, as a brand ambassador it gives the brand an insight into your work ethic as a potential influencer partner in the future. If they see that you are bringing an engaged following, they may want to work with you on future paid projects. It also gives you the ability to try to find your niche in the influencer industrial complex. You can test out which content works best for you and that you enjoy curating.

How to Join A Brand Ambassador Program

Check out various brands that you genuinely enjoy and could see yourself promoting. A wide range of companies offer ambassador programs and it can be quite easy to find. Joining an ambassador program can be as easy as filling out a survey on their website or contacting the brand via direct message. Even if the brand does not already have an ambassador program, you could contact them to see if they would be interested in creating one with you.

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Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Gemma Weinstein.