April 18, 2022 Guest Blogger

Gaming Influencers: The Next Generation of Promotional Superstars

It is estimated that in 2022, four in ten adults will follow an influencer. This highlights how the marketing industry is always shifting and changing to meet the demands of current-day society. In the past, marketing was done through radio, television, and magazine promotions. But the industry has recently experienced a rather dramatic shift, as the growth of social media, influencers, and gaming have all presented huge new marketing opportunities.

Whether it’s a YouTube star like James Charles advertising for a makeup brand, or a podcast host like Joe Rogan advertising for a tech company, the popularity of influencer marketing is growing fast. Add the unprecedented growth of the gaming industry on top of this already booming marketing plan and you’ll have a real recipe for success.

Online Gaming Industry Ripe with Marketing Potential

Not so long ago, there was a real crusade against Let’s Play YouTubers and streamers. Multitudes of people were asking why gamers were watching other players play, instead of playing themselves. Fast forward to 2022, and not only are many more people playing video games themselves, watching influencers and online personalities play video games has also become one of young America’s most beloved pastimes. The gaming industry has officially completed the move from the dark ages of non-acceptance and demonization to a new dawn in which it’s the face of worldwide entertainment.

Any preconceptions about gaming being harmful to young minds and being a weak form of entertainment is completely outdated. The modern cultural landscape has now fully accepted gaming. Gamers are not a special breed of people, they buy cars, houses, food, and drinks just like anyone else. Influencers in this area are thus perfect for absolutely any product advertisement, as they are not bogged down to a specific industry and audience base. In the first quarter of 2021 8.8 billion hours of gaming content was streamed, demonstrating the immense audience potential that these online gaming celebrities have.

Gaming Influencers Making Big Waves

PewDiePie for example currently boasts over 110 million YouTube subscribers and has partnered with G-Fuel, promoting their products to his droves of fans in each and every video. G-Fuel benefited immensely from this partnership and now has a social media footprint of over 1 billion followers. The brand has recently launched a global retail campaign as PewDiePie’s fanbase has millions of people from a variety of different locations.

Another example of influencing making waves in the gaming industry is the survival of the Fire Emblem series. The series was launched by Nintendo back in 1990. It’s endured until the present day due to fanatics of the series and influencers who promote their love for the game. There’s now rumored to be a new Fire Emblem game scheduled for release in 2022.

Capitalizing On The Influencer Trend

Gaming influencer marketing is unique in that its proponents and potential partners have the space to market for whatever they please. Their fans are global, and their popularity is only increasing with each passing month. The technological advances in the mobile sphere of gaming are also producing fantastic results for brands who make use of this industry.

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Karoline Gore.

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