March 26, 2015 Cristine Vieira

Five Ways Influencers Can Up Their Instagram Game

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So you’re a blogger, tweeter, Facebooker or on Instagram (now lovingly called an influencer by the marketing world) and things are going well. You’ve built a decent following, momentum and a strong voice. Good for you. But there’s one platform where you probably haven’t yet made a splash: good ol’ Instagram.

There’s value to every social platform, but it seems like Instagram is taking the marketing world by storm (the millennial storm hit, like, totally two years ago). If you haven’t already, it’s time to jump in – all in.

Influencing on Instagram
(how to improve your Instagram feed)

1. Keep your head on a swivel.

Look for the beautiful, postable moments in everything you do. You’re already accustomed to seeing the small moments in your day that are worth writing about. Now it’s time to see those small moments in the day that are pretty, hilarious, inspiring or just plain fun.

Consistency is always important when you’re an influencer, so these moments should align with your personal brand’s topics and themes. But from there, the possibilities are endless.

New shoes? Post it. Picked some wildflowers? Plop those babies in a mason jar and post it. Find yourself at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere? Post the kitschiest signage you can find.

Post, post well and post often. Remember – content is king!


2. Remember that your filters are like branding

Everyone loves a good filter. They make things (and people) look prettier, they give your posts style and they can accentuate some of the key features of the photo. But try not to go too crazy

Use a photo-editing app like AfterLight that gives you more filter options and allows you to adjust the intensity of the filter. Play with it and try to find a few similar filters that you like. The key word there is similar.

Look at filters as your Instagram style guide. Your brand needs consistency. So your photos need to have a similar look. Many successful Instagram influencers post pics with similar lighting, similar colors and similar filters. You should strive to do the same.


3. Learn how to write a good caption

The jury is still out on how long an Instagram caption can (or should) be, but here at Find Your Influence, we consider ourselves Instagram purists. You should let the photo speak for itself. Try to keep your captions short while keeping in mind your personal brand voice. Add a witty, sincere, silly or candid line about the picture and call it good. No need to write a novel. You have your blog for that, and some people are really turned off by it.


4. Get serious about tagging

Let’s start with hashtags. Do a little research to find what hashtags feature pics that also align with your personal brand – similar content, similar fans or similar industry. Then be sure to use them.

Some influencers post an entire paragraph of hashtags, some post only two or three. This is up to you. The former will give you more exposure but might compromise your style and voice. The latter looks cleaner and more authentic, but won’t get you as much action.

Moving on to tagging people and companies. If you post a new outfit, tag the retailer in your photo. If you went somewhere awesome, geo tag it and see if the establishment has its own hashtag. Friends in the picture? Tag them too. The point is to give credit where credit is due while also building your network. As influencer, you’re always networking (RIGHT?).

Pro tip on tagging: Be sure to use the “tag this photo” feature in the instagram settings right before you post. Unlike simply including the tag in your caption, this will ensure that your photos shows up on the tagee’s profile.

Remember – #hashtagshelpyougetnoticed!


5. Have fun

Remember authenticity is everything. Although the above tips are important, being yourself is always the most critical part of your personal brand. Post from your heart and be yourself. You’ll stand out more than influencers who are way-too-clearly hunting commercial partnerships.


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