July 19, 2021 Guest Blogger

6 Influencer Marketing Tips Every Restaurant Should Know

As influencer marketing continues to take the world by storm, industry leaders must learn to embrace this strategy in every way possible. The restaurant industry, specifically, can benefit from influencer marketing in so many ways. Between food bloggers, travelers, and so many different creators, there are countless social media influencers who post about food or restaurants.

As many restaurants have already done, partnering with influencers to create different types of marketing on social media can increase your restaurant’s business in measurable ways.

Find Your Influence offers six tips to keep in mind if you are looking to start working with an influencer to market your restaurant:

  1. Look for influencers that have been to and have enjoyed your restaurant. Influencers, such as Jane Ko, are known to produce the best content when they are posting about food or a restaurant they truly enjoy. Trying to hire an influencer who is a genuine fan and supporter can benefit both the restaurant as well as the influencer and lead to a successful influencer marketing campaign.
  2. Partner with an influencer for a contest or giveaway. Building partnerships for contents or giveaways is one of the best ways to attract new customers. With prizes of a free meal or a gift card, the restaurant can gain additional traction from this influencer’s audience.
  3. Search for influencers with a variety of social media platforms. While each social media platform has its own benefits, different influencers thrive on different platforms. Getting your restaurant in front of audiences on multiple platforms maximizes the amount of exposure you can receive.
  4. Stick to local influencers. When trying to increase awareness for your restaurant brand, a new menu item, a new location or even a special event, targeting customers who are nearby or within a certain range is the best way to go. Geo-targeted campaigns perform best when you hire a local influencer whose audience is often in the same area.
  5. Work with an influencer for an ongoing period of time. One post from an influencer is better than nothing, but an ongoing relationship is the best way to gain the greatest awareness. Have the influencer highlight monthly specials, start a weekly blog, or another creative way to maintain a consistent posting schedule to keep your restaurant brand top of mind.
  6. Be sure to analyze each influencers’ engagement rates and demographics before hiring. When researching influencers, you want to have specific criteria and qualities identified before beginning your search. Make sure the influencers you choose reach the audience you desire.

Influencer marketing has already proven to be one of the most effective and fastest marketing strategies to date. Considering these tips can help both your restaurant and influencers build a unique, fun and successful campaign together.

Looking to jump into the business of finding influencers but need some help? The Find Your Influence team is here to help. Request a demo today.

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Madelyn Schloss.