May 13, 2020 Guest Blogger

Six Influencer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

When we talk about influencer marketing, we are talking about connections, planning, strategies, relationships and actions. They are fundamental processes for the success of any brand or product campaign. However, some basic mistakes are often made, and these can only end in frustration. 

Digital influencers took on great proportions when they started to have thousands of followers, many coming from blogs, YouTube and Twitter. However, the work of digital influence has become more than the visualization of a message by countless followers, but also other metrics such as conversions, whether in conquering new consumers or generating more brand memory. Therefore, with digital influencer marketing, there are numerous options to choose from for working on brand campaigns. The countless options must be assertive. Here are 6 mistakes to avoid in influencer marketing: 

1. Lack of Campaign Planning

One of the initial mistakes is having the demand for a product or service and already wanting to skip the creation steps and hire digital influencers. You must first consider: what do you want to communicate? Which audience should be reached? What is the purpose of the campaign, winning new consumers, creating brand awareness, or increasing the company’s follower base on social networks? These are questions that must be created and answered, put on paper, so that the strategies to execute are created. Among these strategies are the relationship with influencers. With structured planning, the choice of influencers will be certain. Making the objectives clear it is important to create goals to be achieved. 

2. Choice of Digital Influencer

One of the strategies of digital marketing planning is to work with influencers, whether macros or micro-influencers. The right choice for the relationship between digital influencers and companies is extremely important. The first item to be considered is the synergy that the influencer has with the product. This choice may be based on the fact that the number of followers in the base of the social network, which is a big mistake.

 3. Do Not Search the History of The Digital Influencer

The digital influencer influences his audience, it seems obvious, but the influencers and brands themselves forget that statement. Therefore, “it is important to assess which themes influencers address in their publications and how they behave in relation to the subject they write about,” says Cassandra T. Abbott, influencer marketer at Academized and Australianhelp. These items must correspond with the company’s values.

 4. Co-creation with Digital Influencer

When choosing the right influencer, there is no need to change the discourse he employs on social media. An interesting action to bring the digital influencer closer to the brand is to invite them to create the campaign execution stage together, to give and request the co-creation of the content. When the content creator feels part of the creation, it is common to see more posts or stories and the fact that the influencer identifies with the company.

5. Do Not Work with Influencer Platforms

To recognize the best profile for your influence marketing campaign, you need a proper tool that provides guidance and simplifies the work. The average of interaction, reach, the performance that the campaign post is achieving are all important indexes in the delivery of the campaign to the client. Some content creators are “able to work certain themes proficiently on a platform, however, when creating content for another platform they change the focus according to social network strength”, says James E. Gale, tech writer at Paper Fellows and PhD Writing Service. A digital influencer profile will not always be the best choice for all social networks.

 6. Do Not Measure the Campaign

“There are companies that don’t measure success or failure. In planning, there is the ROI stage, in which the amounts to be spent are considered. In the final report, it is necessary to measure whether the investments went according to expectations,” says Adam Hillson, a tech writer at Boomessays.com, Ukwritings.com and Essayroo.com. In the final report, transparency is necessary to assess the effectiveness of the strategies and if they do not have positive results, change the strategy, change the influencers and execute the new planning with excellence.

For a profile to work with a brand campaign, there must be synergy with the product or service. Relationship between the influencer and the brand is not an advertising banner, but the offering of the experience to the consumer. The market is still becoming more mature seeing some important metrics and processes that must be followed to guarantee the success of the campaign in social influencer marketing.

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Beatrix Potter.