January 2, 2015 Cristine Vieira

3 Reasons your campaign content failed


If you have a blog with an engaged followership, you know how great success can feel. Your fans get excited, they comment, they click! The end result is you feeling great about your content. However when you’re partnering with a brand, there’s a lot more on the line. You have to consider meeting the brand’s measurements and hitting the brand’s goals. If your blog post doesn’t perform the way you expected, don’t get discouraged. Instead, take this as a learning opportunity. Here are three things that we at Find Your Influence think might have made the campaign go south.


1. The brand wasn’t a good fit

It can be really exciting when a brand or advertiser wants to work with you, especially if it’s a large brand or a brand that you love. But don’t let that cloud your judgement. Your fans come first — to you and the brand. That’s why you have to make sure that the brand is a good fit for your blog. Otherwise your fans may be surprised, annoyed or bored with the content in your sponsored post. You not only lose credibility, but you won’t hit your numbers for the campaign because your fans don’t engage. Everyone loses. In the future, remember to only partner with brands that make sense for your blog.


2. Your post lacked your usual passion or voice

When you’re writing a post for a brand, there’s often a lot of specifications, requirements and suggestions. It can get disheartening fast. The result might be a post that hits every single requirement, but lacks your usual passion and voice. This is a problem. The brand is paying you because your voice is so powerful. If you lose your passion, you’re not producing the type of content that a brand (and your fans) is expecting. Just because the post prompt isn’t what you expected nor wanted, doesn’t mean you can slack off. After all, you’re getting paid. Put just as much work — or maybe even a little more — into that post as you would your favorite posts.


3. You didn’t measure the campaign correctly

Measurement is key when you’re working with marketers. If you miss the instructions on how to track your post success correctly, you’ve basically disrupted the entire marketing universe.  Your brand won’t know how to justify, analyze or learn from the results of the campaign. So make sure you track appropriately. The great thing about data, is you can usually find a measurement that works best for you and your strengths. If you think the brand should be measuring a campaign a different way, tell them! And even if the brand says no, consider adding your metric to the mix. This way you’ll have something to fall back on if the brand’s metrics don’t work out for your post.


Have you run into any other pitfalls with campaign posts? Tell us what you learned.


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