October 5, 2020 Guest Blogger

10 Ideas for Writing Creative Instagram Captions

Instagram is currently one of the most powerful and influential social media platforms. Marketers love it and it’s no wonder it’s among the best marketing tools today. That’s why you need to learn the game of Instagram and ensure you’re doing everything right. That includes writing engaging Instagram captions.

While Instagram is primarily a visual platform, captions are equally as important as the visual content. Combined, they give the best results. If you aren’t sure how to write creative, fresh Instagram captions, just keep reading. We’ve assembled this list of 10 ideas that will turn your Instagram captions around.

Open Strongly

First impressions matter the most. If you don’t open your Instagram caption strongly, you’ll lose your target audience.

The audience doesn’t have any time to waste, especially with the amount of content still waiting for them to discover. That’s why your Instagram captions need to have an opening line that is:

  • catchy
  • attention-grabbing
  • amusing
  • shocking

Whatever will make them stop scrolling and take a closer look at your post, you need to use it as your opening line.


Ask Questions

Just like in blog headlines, questions are great in Instagram captions because they encourage engagement and active participation from your followers.

They also make your followers feel more involved and connected to you.

You can ask any type of question that will get your followers thinking:

  • What’s your favorite summer flavor?
  • Have you ever tried it?
  • Do you have a friend who’ll love to hear about this?

Whether you’re a fashion influencer or a struggling entrepreneur, questions are the way to go to create engagement. Ask the right questions and your posts will have a much wider reach, more likes, and more comments.


Include a Call to Action on Instagram

A call-to-action (CTA) is a marketing tool that can be built into everything from an email copy to an Instagram post.

What’s great about CTAs is that they:

  • tell your followers exactly what to do
  • inspire and encourage taking action
  • help you reach your results

Make sure your CTAs are short but strong.


Plan Your Instagram Caption Formatting

You may not be aware of this, but the way you format your post captions can have a significant influence on the effect it has on your followers.

This goes especially for those longer captions in which you actually have the text to format.

Here’s what we suggest:

  divide into shorter paragraphs

  write simple sentences

  create bullet points or lists

Make sure the structure of the caption makes it easy for your followers and other social media users to scan it and look for the information they need.

If you post a huge chunk of text, nobody is going to bother reading it.

Don’t Forget Branding on Instagram Too

Branding is what makes you stand out from others and tell your own story the way you want to. Your branding is something that you build over time, using all many social media platforms, including Instagram.

The next time you’re writing Instagram captions, keep in mind:

  • brand personality
  • brand image
  • tone and voice

All of this needs to be clearly visible in your captions, or you’ll lose on your authenticity. Make sure you stay consistent in your branding efforts.

Use Emojis Wisely on Instagram

Emojis are another great addition to your Instagram captions, even if you’re not a fun, quirky brand. Anyone can use emojis if they only understand how.

Emojis are great for:

  • separating one paragraph from the other
  • adding up on the visual effect of the caption
  • creating a better user experience
  • making the post more likable and relatable

No matter what your brand personality is, or what industry you’re from, there’s always room for some emojis in your Instagram captions.

Use #Hashtags

Instagram captions and hashtags simply go hand in hand. Just look at any brand and analyze their Instagram captions.

Hashtags rule.

They can help you:

  • get your posts discovered
  • categorize your content
  • promote your brand creating/owning your own hashtag

Have you seen #justdoit or #HelloHuawei, or #maybeitsmaybelline? This is how brands turn hashtags into effective Instagram promotional tools and allow their followers to help them connect with more people.

Use Storytelling

The power of storytelling doesn’t seem to get any weaker, does it?

Storytelling is the oldest tool in the marketing playbook. You want people to buy something? Tell them the story behind the product.

You can and should use Instagram captions to share brand stories that will:

  • inspire
  • motivate
  • activate

Share a story about anything from how you came up with the idea for a product you’re launching to a fun fact that happened at the office.

Use storytelling to help your followers feel closer to you, and pull them inside your world.

Use Instagram @Mentions 

Mentions are great for showing how deep into the industry or the community your brand is, and how well-connected you are.

Mentions will also improve your visibility and help you open new doors to your brand.

You can use mentions to:

  • credit the photographer
  • credit the make-up artist or designer
  • give a shout-out to someone you care about
  • invite others to take a look at your post
  • offer thanks to people
  • recommend your followers to check out a brand, product, or person
  • enhance your influencer marketing

Mentions can make you seem more interesting, sociable, and fun.

 Edit, Rewrite, & Proofread

Finally, there’s one thing you must never forget. Editing your caption copy before posting it is a golden rule.

If you post an Instagram caption that has a spelling error or a grammar mistake, you’ll come across as sloppy and unprofessional.

Audiences will feel like you didn’t invest enough time into creating the caption, and they may not bother reading it further.

This is why you have to:

  • create several drafts
  • edit until you’ve got the final copy
  • proofread for any mistakes

Double-check everything and post nothing but absolutely polished captions. This will show you’re a professional, trustworthy brand.

Never underestimate the power of Instagram captions. They play a significant role in the way your followers see you so make sure you work hard to be creative.

Use the ideas shared above and start working on an improved Instagram caption strategy. Apply these tips and enjoy the results you’re bound to achieve.

Freelance contribution especially written for Find Your Influence by Dorian Martin.